Synopsis: With the arrival of Brexit, a couple who emigrated to Scotland are afraid that in the near future they will have to change their destination again. ‘Bye Bye Bridges’ is a small example of a global problem: how to manage immigration and how these decisions could affect people? The uncertain future has become as a new philosophy of life.

Release date: January 2019

Genre: Drama

Starring: Christine Koudreiko, Daniele Silvan, Kathleen Henderson, Jane Sales, Olive

Directed and written by: Estanis Bañuelos

First assistant director: Andrea Sebastián

DOP / editor: Estanis Bañuelos

Music: Maichol Bondanelli (

Produced by BaBian Studio in association with University of Edinburgh

Copyright © BaBian Studio 2019

*Is not available because the short film is being featured in festivals

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