Short film

Synopsis: Paul is a man who works for an association to deal with animal abuse. Since time ago, he has been disgruntled by the fact that everything around him involves damage to an animal. His partner Aaron, neither vegetarian nor vegan, doesn’t understand him at all, only his co-worker seems to understand the situation he faces with. Finally, Paul seems to find another point of view of his position that may improve or worsen it.

Director: Andrea Sebastián

Writer: Andrea Sebastián

Cast: Adrian Jieanu “Paul”, Fraser Kelsey “Aaron”, Christine Koudreiko “Lena”,  Hannah Kent “Bus woman”, Hâle Denholm “Hamburger girl”, Boby Lovi “Waitress”

Editor: Estanis Bañuelos

Director of Photography:Estanis Bañuelos

Music: Olga Gurevich, Hainbach, Doug Maxwell, Fingers in the noise, Ugonna Onyekwe

Genres: LGBT, Veganism, Drama, Comedy

Date: January 2019

Film Language: English

Shooting Format: Digital

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Film Color: Color